Our Mission...

is to increase life quality through democratizing environmental resource management.

Mission and Know-How

Finding and promoting solutions, to prevent pollution, promote and restore environmental quality and produce sustainable energy.

Environmental-care-technology.com  has started in 2016
A  initiative, that will facilitate the production and distribution of innovative and afordable environmental solutions and green energy technology. As well as collaborations between developers, companies, investors and institutions.

This portal is a small network dedicated to cultivating the potential of the internet in providing its audience with the most current, reliable information for exploring, researching and purchasing available and afordable environmental technology. To find the companies and craftsmen to realize very special solutions in the fields of alternative energy and sustainable environmental management.

Providing Information on new technology

We observe the global makets to improve our eye for innovation and raise our technical understanding and ability. We are constantly seeking for ways to distribute the right solutions to the places and groups of interest. Through this website, we give excellent opportunities for business matching between suppliers and all groups of interest.

Biggest Database of Companies and Solutions

somepro-LogoOur selective directory of companies and solution concepts keeps expanding, while we source out only the best and most innovative of each category. All Information posted here have been thoroughly researched and collected by ourself.
To create a network
This website has been set up as a facility for nurturing new solutions, encouraging green industry development, and promoting collaboration with potential solution-suppliers and businesses/ projects. Soon it will stand for: Field-Expertise, specialized experts, companies and developers.The Environmental Engineering-Network will support undertakings for new ventures and new product development born of collaboration between members and all types of interest groups.

How we help

Providing Information about New Technology

This website will collect and provide information from around the globe for contents-related businesses. We observe the global markets to train our eye for innovation. We are constantly seeking for ways to distribute the potential solutions to the places of interest.

Interaction between inventors, industry and governments

Through our development we give excellent opportunities for business matching between inventors and local industry, between investors and companies as well as between institutions / projects and the solution providers.

Consultancy Services

We understand the complexity of finding, selecting and buying the right solution for the environmental management. Our consultancy service is a great resource. No matter whether you are a large corporation or a one-person business, we can provide you with invaluable assistance.

Promote - Support - Establish innovative products, concepts and businesses

Our mission is to make the world a better place. We support innovative products, solutions and business concepts in the fields of environmental support and sustainable living. We want to bring ideas to life. Our crowdfunding section is just one part in our support concept.

Help us to help you to help us

Environmental Engineering is an initiative of the wohlhaus society and its free resource movement. We are a non-profit organization and we rely on your support.

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